Is Your Loved One Sending You Signs?

When a loved one passes to the other side, the most painful thing is the sudden seperation of physical contact, you turn to tell them something before you realise that they're not there. But they are there, you just can't see them!

Sadie Beyl

6/24/20243 min read

Is it wishful thinking? When you see a rainbow, it must be them. When you find a penny or a quarter, they must have left it there for you! You get the picture and if I sound a little cynical, I mean to. Our brains are designed to create meaning out of the ordinary and mundane, except when those extraordinary circumstances occur when our loved ones die, I now know that they want to reassure us that all is well and because they know you, they will send you signs that they know you’ll ‘get’. They’re ‘inside jokes’ from the other side specifically created for you. Now, the comfort and joy that you receive from these signs depends on how open and willing you are to believe that magic exists. There are levels of existence beyond our material 3 dimensional bodies and some of us believe fully, I put myself in that category, but there are those of us who are more analytical and scientific, we require irrefutable proof before we’ll concede that a ‘miracle’ has taken place. In my experience, a miracle has occurred only if you choose to shift your perception of events and in order to do that it’s essential to open your mind to the possibility that there may be an unseen force at work that creates these seeming ‘coincidences’. Here is a simple example: how many times have you randomly thought to call a friend and in the very next moment they call you or send you a message? It happens so often that we don’t even pay attention to it, but to all of you who doubt and to the sceptics out there, this is a true example of the evidence of our extra sensory perception. The good news is that all of us have it! Leading on from this discourse is the assumption that our loved ones live on in spirit form and are able to visit us at will, or even better yet, that they are around us all of the time, just like our guardian angels and spirit guides are.

When I was little I had the most amazing grandfather called Jim. He was a kind soul and he spent a lot of his time playing with me. We lived in London and I remember that he built a snowman for me when I was 3 years old. He bought me a train set for Christamas, an odd gift for a girl I realise now, but I was thrilled when he built the little circular track and the miniature train ran around all by itself, it was magical! We moved to South Africa shortly afterwards and before we left, Jim had started to teach me to tell the time, he promised me that if I could tell the time by my birthday in April that he would get me a watch. I must have managed it because I remember that watch. We flew to Johannesburg on contract for a year (my father was an engineer and worked for a prominent gold mine company), and a few months later we received the news that Jim had died back home in London. I was now 4 years old and I had no concept of what this meant because I had already been separated from my playful, loving granddad and was already missing him terribly. The news of his death had no additional impact on me. I have this memory of my Mum reading a telegram and bursting into tears. It was in the ‘70s. A few days later after the news of his passing, a grey pigeon flew into our apartment (we were high up on the 12th floor) and it made itself at home under my bed. It wasn’t scared of me and I spent hours on my tummy talking to the bird who stayed on for several days. Eventually it flew away and I am sure without a doubt in my 4 year old’s mind that my grandfather Jim had come to visit me.

There are so many examples of signs that Paul has left me that I could have written about, but I was guided to write this story about my grandfather. I hope that it has helped to open a new perspective on your own experiences with the signs that you’ve received but are hesitant to fully believe. You’re possibly wondering if they truly came from your loved one or if you just imagined it. I genuinely hope that you can shift into trust because the signs will increase and become more meaningful which is the most comforting experience you’ll have in this most devastating and emotional grief journey.

From my heart to yours and with a big, gentle hug.