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Hey Beautiful Soul, I'm Sadie Beyl and you've landed in the right place. From Mourning to Light is a sacred space that I've created to support individuals like you who have experienced the loss of a loved one. When my beautiful husband died suddenly in a motorcycle accident I went on a profound spiritual journey to heal and embrace my life again. Supported with the practical tools that I used, my mission is to guide you through your unique grieving process so that you too can find the healing and light in your life once again. This is beautiful Paul - I miss him still....

The 10 Week Transformation Workshop

Compassion and Understanding

Empowerment and Healing

Connection, balance and transformation

Your grief journey is unique to you and with deep compassion and understanding, Sadie provides a safe space for you to express your emotions and share your experiences.

With empathy, Sadie meets you where you are, and guides you through an empowering process with the use of practical tools and techniques to support you in your own unique healing process. Here you'll find the strength and resilience you need in the face of your devastating loss.

The loss of a loved one is a unique opportunity to self reflect, go within and heal your life. The power of connection, both to Source and your loved one is the key here. Believing that it's possible is the first step.

You're encouraged to contact Sadie to find out more about the 10 Week Transformation Course.

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Meet your spirit guide

Sadie Beyl is an architect and the founder of From Mourning to Light the FREE Grief Summits with 21 expert speakers.

My story has a very happy ending. While married to Paul, the love of my life, and running a successful architecture studio, I had this secret passion: spirituality. You name it, from meditation classes, Reiki and energy healing classes, angel cards, reading esoteric books, breathwork sessions, elemental workshops, I attended them all! When Paul died suddenly I was knocked to my knees, but I was so fortunate in that I had this arsenal of tools that I could use to slowly heal my life and find my passion again. Surprise! the Universe seemed to be saying to me. I thought that my purpose in life was architecture but Source had opened up another path for me, and here we are, five years later and I'm living my dream life in Italy! I speak Italian, I'm remarried to a beautiful Italian man and we have two cute black cats. I'm a spirit guide and I host online grief summits. My life is completely unrecognisable from five years ago and I love it!