Channelling Archangel Metatron

Why is it so important to take love and take care of yourself? What's the point, I found myself thinking, if we're all going to die anyway? This is Archangel Metatron's channelled message about loving yourself.

Sadie Beyl

6/19/20246 min read

Archangel Metatron has been one of the angels that I regularly call upon to assist me when I guide my clients in my sessions and I wondered if they would let me be a channel for them, so I called on them as well as Paul, and invited them to use me as a guide. Archangel Metatron stepped forward first and this is how it went. For those of you who don’t know, Archangel Metatron is purple - I am so drawn to the colour purple as well as amethyst crystals. Also, he is also associated with Metatron’s Cube, which is sacred geometry that incorporates all the known platonic shapes derived from the flower of life symbol, it represents the blueprint of creation.

I had my headset on and my document was set to ‘voice typing’. The results were without punctuation and some words were mysterious with grammar being odd in places, so I have made a few tweaks to allow it to make sense.

Sadie: I have called in the Archangel Metatron, Paul, my guides and my guardian angel. Archangel Metatron said that he would like to speak first. I don't know if I have to ask you a question, Archangel Metatron, let me know, or is there a message that you have?

Archangel Metatron: My beautiful, beautiful child you're doing so well, thank you that you've come here to talk to me.

Thank you for being here, I feel honoured that you want to use me as a channel.

What I want to say is ‘fear’. There is nothing to fear. Being a channel is as easy as speaking, it's as easy as accessing a memory, it's easy, tell yourself it's easy and it will be. (As anyone would, I was doubting my ability to channel and Metatron was reassuring me). I don't wear clothing but I have a breast plate that is energetic geometry and this is the geometry of the heart made visible, it's pure love. It's constructed of love and it projects love and receives love. This geometry is the foundation of everything in the universe. Everything in the universe is created out of love and you wouldn't be creators if you didn't love creating, if you didn't love what you had created and if you didn't feel this wave of overwhelming love that is the inspiration, it is the root of wanting to share, it's the root of community, the root of family, it's the root of the collective consciousness. Everything was born out of this Love, nothing would exist without it, so why then is it so difficult for us to love ourselves? We are hard on ourselves, we punish ourselves, we belittle ourselves, we feel ashamed of ourselves and we feel guilty about the things that we've done or thought or said and we are unnecessarily harsh on ourselves, and I say ‘we’ - I was pondering why Metatron was saying ‘we’ and he immediately said: because I was human once and I understand the pitfalls of that. So we have become aware that we are hard on ourselves and so how do we become more loving? What are real, concrete steps we can take to be more gentle with ourselves? It is said that you wouldn't speak to a friend the way you speak to yourself in your head and sometimes you are completely unaware of how you speak to yourself, so let's start there with the awareness. You can never make a mistake and you are not a mistake. Everything in the universe has been created with intelligence and with intention. We feel that things we do are mistakes because they don't go in the direction that we think they should or we have a specific outcome in mind and we feel that the path we’re on isn't taking us to that destination and we feel that the ‘mistake’ is not in our control, that something outside of us is preventing us from obtaining what we'd like to obtain or preventing us from achieving what we'd like to achieve. But if you look at it from the point of view that nothing is a mistake and nothing can ever be a mistake and that you cannot make a mistake no matter how dire your circumstances it is not a mistake, and if you can accept that, then your whole life will shift.

It's a simple question of contrast. Things or circumstances can be really dire. Let's think of something really dire, imagine that you are paralyzed, you will not walk again say the doctors, it seems like a very hopeless situation and your whole life is completely changed. You'll never run again, you'll never walk again, it is the most dire situation and yet from those exact circumstances two people who are known in the public realm, Joe Dispenza and RJ Spina were fully paralyzed. Their stories are different but they both found themselves in that most desperate situation and both of them cured themselves by using energy healing. The events that led up to their paralysis and their situation of being paralyzed were not mistakes, they were divinely orchestrated so that both of them could go on to become these well-known and trusted spiritual teachers. They had been there and done it! Everyone could trust the process they’d gone through, they were living proof.

So let’s apply this to your own life. Any of the very difficult circumstances that you either find yourself in currently or you have been in previously, what came out of it? What did you gain? Because those devastating events don't happen without giving you a gift, either a gift of something unexpected or the gift of shifting you to something much much better. Let's bring this back to the sacred geometry that I wear on my heart. All of you have this geometry that you wear in your heart, all of you are capable of radical self love and unconditional love of everyone and that's exactly the core lesson of Christ’s Teachings, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and love your brother as yourself”, because your brother is yourself, we are all one and you may have heard this before but I'd like to bring the insight to this statement that the geometry of our hearts interlocks with each other, they're like puzzle pieces that fit together but they can only connect if your heart is open and the key to opening your heart starts with you.

This channel (Sadie) understood when Paul died that taking care of herself was a priority. She didn't realise it first but the more we guided her, the more she realised this and that is why she's on this mission to help people who are grieving to unlock their hearts, to guide them to go within and be kind to themselves, speak more kindly to themselves and hence love of oneself is mastered. You will be able to radically love unconditionally. The best example we can give of this is at the accident site (where Paul had just had his motorcycle accident and I arrived on the scene moments later - watch my podcast with Sandra Champlain on her We Don’t Die Radio recording here - there was a man fretting that he had caused the accident and that it was all his fault. Sadie quickly understood that it had been his fault, that his actions had caused the accident and consequently had caused Paul to die, and she forgave him immediately in that moment because she could see that it was not maliciously meant. It has been an act of negligence and unawareness and no one intended harm. It was all part of a bigger puzzle (not a mistake) and that shows that Sadie was able to see above the circumstances even though she wasn't aware of it (at the time). She knew without a shadow of doubt and with no resistance whatsoever in her body, that she does not hold any grudge against that man that had caused the accident.

In closing we would like to ask you to search within. Who or what are you holding responsible in your life? Who is ruining your life or has ruined your life? What happened that caused you to become so unhappy? Which event is at fault? Do you see now that the only mistake here Is that you forgot how powerful you are? You have forgotten that love is the basis of everything, that no person, place or thing is responsible for you (or your happiness). Once you take ownership of your power and responsibility for yourself, your health, your happiness, your entire life - that's how radical self-love is achieved. Self-care is self love, so take radical care of yourself, eat nutritious, clean food, drink lots of water, exercise, get out into nature, smell flowers and nurture yourself with beautiful things. Dress well, sleep well, say ‘no’ when you need to. And this gentle nature towards yourself will radiate outwards to all the people in your circle. Get ready for your life to change for the better and always say thank you.