Join me everyday for hour starting:

 Thursday 29th Feb – Tuesday 5th March 2024

8:30am Hawaii Time |

 10:30am Pacific Standard Time |

7:30pm Central Europe Time

The advantages of the joining the Take a Holiday from Grief Workshop:


  • Be guided through unique solutions for when you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions and seeking a break from grief.
  • Be part of a sacred Zoom space fostering peace, ease, and empowerment.
  • Be ready to experience less stress, overwhelm, and emotional exhaustion.
  • Achieve balance, improve sleep quality, and release pressure to be okay.

Who the Workshop Is For:


  • Individuals struggling with overwhelming emotions and seeking relief from grief.
  • Those experiencing stress, overwhelm, and emotional exhaustion.

  • People interested in self-improvement and learning tools for emotional well-being.

  • Anyone open to participating in a virtual workshop and committed to attending all six sessions.

  • Individuals seeking a supportive community and guidance in navigating emotional challenges.

Who the Workshop Is Not For:


  • People who are not open to alternative healing methods or self-help workshops.
  • Individuals who are not committed to fully engaging in the process.

  • People who do not currently experience or have recently experienced significant grief or emotional turmoil.

  • Individuals seeking immediate or guaranteed solutions without a commitment to personal growth and exploration.

Meet your hosts:

Sadie Beyl is the founder of the From Mourning to Light online grief summits. This is the fourth event. Sadie was a professional architect who ran a small practice in Cape Town with her architect husband, Paul Beyl. After Paul died in a motorcycle accident in 2019, Sadie sold her car, packed a suitcase and moved to Italy. Besides the From Mourning to Light grief summits, Sadie is a spiritual grief guide who assists those in grief with her 10 Week Transformation Workshop, meditation, mindfulness, Angel card readings and past life regression sessions.

Emily Thiroux Threatt is an award winning author of the books, Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief: A Comprehensive Guide to Reclaiming and Cultivating Joy and Carrying on in the Face of Loss, The Grief and Happiness Handbook: A Supportive Guide to Help you Reclaim your Life After Grieving. She has also created The Grief and Happiness Cards, each card is carefully crafted with a gentle and supportive message.

In addition to writing her book to provide comfort and support to people dealing with grief and loss, she also founded the Grief and Happiness Alliance which meets weekly on Zoom to write together and do happiness practices all at no charge. She is the host of the Grief and Happiness weekly podcast. And she is a Happy For No Reason certified trainer. Emily has much experience in the grieving process including for the death of two husbands and has learned to face life with love, optimism, and joy.


Praise for Take a Holiday From Grief:

Dear Sadie,
I just wanted to send you a note before I press my head to the pillow. Thank you for the past six meetings. The gatherings were wonderful both in terms of the content and the interaction with your good self. The feedback from the other folks in the group were moving and there was much insight both from them directly and from your responses. I really value the introduction to the Chakra work and need it so I will use the terrific gift of the recordings.
Your generosity, knowledge and compassion is so striking and I consider myself very fortunate to have had you fly across my horizon making it a wee bit brighter and certainly richer.
My very best wishes for your next endeavour.