Join me everyday for half an hour starting:
Tuesday 28 JUNE – 3 JULY at
6pm CEST | 4pm GMT | 9am PT | 12pm ET


In this 6 day series you’ll learn the secrets to:

  • Limit stress and becoming more connected
  • Letting go of guilt, frustration, shame and judgement
  • Creating a roadmap to living a more fulfilled life
  • Overcoming fear, anger and frustration
  • Expressing yourself with ease and how to create new opportunities in your life
  • Regaining your balance, and improved sleep quality
  • Taking better care of yourself and feel less isolated or lonely

Hi, I’m Sadie Beyl and I used to be a happily married architect running a small practice in Cape Town with my architect husband, Paul Beyl. After Paul died in a motorcycle accident in 2019,I camped out in my friend’s spare room for several months while I tried to piece my life together. I then made some dramatic decisions, sold my car, packed a suitcase, gave up architecture and moved to Italy.
Now I’m on a HUGE mission to help people with grief awareness. Having practised meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, breathwork and various spiritual modalities for over 25 years, I have lots of experience and tools to help support you on your grief journey.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Join me every day starting: 

Tuesday 28 JUNE – 3 JULY
at 6pm CEST | 4pm GMT | 9am PT | 12pm ET