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  • Grab Your FREE TICKET to this Online Event on Grief!
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  • Join Me for a Guided Journey to Shine the Light onto Your Grief
  • You’re Invited to Join Me to Turn your Mourning into Light!

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How will I ever live without you in my life? If you’ve thought this or even said it out loud, know that you’re not the only one, and I have some great news for you, you’re not alone!

Sadie Beyl has put together a very special online event where myself and 20 expert colleagues in the field of grief and loss are going to share all of our pain with you. In this series of interviews, you will discover various tools and ways of being, to help you bear it all. You will see that we were able to not just carry on, but that we have gone on to create happy and meaningful lives, and the great news is that you can too!

From Mourning to Light 2 2 is an online event that will air over 12 consecutive days starting on 27 September. We will all share our advice, tips, and unique tools that we use daily to help support you in your grief. To help you find peace, meaning, and to guide you to invite joy back into your life again.

The best part is that I HAVE A FREE TICKET FOR YOU to attend.

Just click on this link and you will have access to all of the interviews!

Here are some of the topics that we will cover:

  • The importance of mindfulness, taking it one moment at a time
  • Writing as a pathway through your grief
  • How to get help and pick up the pieces
  • How to grieve and be happy at the same time
  • Glimpses of the ‘other side’
  • How to make peace with death
  • Turn your pain into power
  • The healing power of grief dreams
  • How writing poetry can help to heal a grieving heart
  • What adopting a yoga mindset can do
  • Establishing lifelines when you’re grieving
  • Grief is love with nowhere to go – how being of service helps in grief

And that is just a taste of what we have to share with you!


Click here now to get access and let the light in.

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My colleague Sadie Beyl has produced an online event together with myself and 20 other amazing expert speakers in the field of grief. Together we will share with everyone who has ever experienced the tragic loss of a loved one, what it takes to go on this unasked for journey and how to find peace. Join us as we share the various tools you can use to help you rise again, stronger, wiser, and able to find happiness. [Insert affiliate link here]

If you’re feeling alone and wondering if you’re ‘doing grief right,’ hear from the experts how they themselves have journeyed: From Mourning to Light, in this, the second online event! Join me where I, with 20 other experts that my colleague Sadie Beyl has gathered together, reveal the inside scoop on the tools and mindset that can help you in your grief. Learn how you can rebuild your life again with love, joy and in peace. [Insert affiliate link here]

Do you wake up with a sinking feeling because your first thought is: How will I ever live without you? If so, my colleague Sadie Beyl has heard you. She has interviewed me and 20 other expert speakers around this tricky subject called grief, and we’re here to equip you with tools you need to help you navigate this unasked for journey in the online event From Mourning to Light – 2. [Insert affiliate link here]

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Are you ready to discover the tools that you need to journey through this unbearable pain called grief? Join 20 of us in the online event From Mourning to Light – 2, where we will reveal what people are doing to not just bear, but rise above their sadness and find joy. [Insert affiliate link here]

I’m so excited to share this incredible journey with you. From Mourning to Light – 2 is an online event where 20 expert speakers and myself have gathered to share the tools and mindsets that have helped us to move from that dark place and allow the joy back into our lives. [Insert affiliate link here]

Join me and 20 other expert speakers where we share the tools and mindsets that have helped us journey through grief. At the online event From Mourning to Light – 2 you’ll hear about our trials and triumphs as we share our stories of how we came to let the joy into our lives again. [Insert affiliate link here]