Denise Dielwart

Healing Grief From the Inside Out

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“After my husband, Maarten, passed away in 2009, I started sinking into a deep pit of anger, depression, loneliness, and isolation while everyone else was getting on with their lives. Without him, I didn’t know how to live my life. I needed help, I was so broken and didn’t know how to work through my grief and feelings. After exploring so many methods, I came to the realization that if I was to ever be whole again, I had to be the change. It was up to me to create my new normal and that I had to work on me, and so my journey began. I became a Grief Specialist and Life Coach initially to help me. Because of the fast grief relief and healing I experienced, it has become my passion and my mission to help widows who are grieving, scared of their future, have financial struggles, put on their “happy” mask every day, even though they know they are crumbling inside.

My husband’s death sent my life in a whole new direction. Through his death, he profoundly changed me in ways I’m deeply grateful for now. I now devote my life to helping other widows go from heartache to happiness more quickly and easily even if they can’t see their road ahead. While on my grief journey, I developed the FLOW method (Feel, Let go, Overcome, become Whole) a simple yet powerful coaching tool that has helped my many clients and myself heal quicker, become excited about life again without feeling guilty, and able to re-connect with family and friends while creating their new normal.”

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